These are the Dutch companies fighting for your future, today


The Netherlands is driving innovation forward with automotive focused companies within the carbon removal, sustainability, energy space. We wanted to highlight just a few companies that are developing cutting edge technologies striving to make an impact on our climate in a positive way.


Location: Doetinchem, The Netherlands

We develop and build the Brekr Model B because it does not exist yet. That is what drives us. An electric moped that merges history and future into a crazy, idiosyncratic but also logical design. Recognizable and yet completely new. With a rough edge, smoothly driving and smart because we use all the techniques of today. An electric moped that will put a smile on your face. And comes back every time you leave.

We have even more ambition for the future and if you ask us it will not stop with this model.

The earth is heating up and the impact on the habitat of plants, animals and people is enormous. Since Co2 is the largest contributor to global warming, it is necessary to reduce emissions. Electric driving is one of the solutions. The battery has our attention because there is still room for improvement there. Together with five partners, we are working in the Accumulate project on a battery that lasts longer, has less impact on the environment and therefore becomes cheaper


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We empower forward-thinking businesses to build a sustainable future by providing flexible and scalable electric vehicle charging solutions. See our solutions at work, around homes, offices, retail centres, and highway rest stops.

“We’re proud to announce that in 2021, EVBox Group will become a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) via a business combination with TPG Pace Beneficial Finance. This move will bolster our global expansion and enhance our portfolio of charging solutions.”


Location: Helmond, The Netherlands

Lightyear is developing long-range solar electric vehicles based on a holistic design philosophy. Efficiency is at the heart of everything we do: our proprietary technology, embedded in the core components including the powertrain, thermal management system and solar roof, is optimised to that one end.

Our innovations in hardware are mirrored by the efficiency of our software, which translates into a convenient user experience based on our own developed software architecture and user interface

Skytree | A fresh breath of air

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

In 2014, Skytree spun-off from the European Space Agency (ESA). Our patented sorbent material was used to clean the air within the habitation module of the international space station. This would go on to become the basis of the filtration system we now use in electric cars.

About 40% of an electric car’s battery feeds your HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. In the car cabin under 10% of pollution is removed by most air filters, creating a build-up of CO₂, fumes and general pollution that is 15 times more inside than without.

Ersa is a b2b product, designed to be integrated into Electric Vehicles where it creates a pocket of fresh, clean air while improving energy efficiency. Our patented process employs a unique CO₂ filter which scrubs CO₂ and water in a car cabin.
Preventing CO2 and water build-up allows vehicles to maximize the recirculation of cabin air while drastically cutting the energy needed by the air-conditioner.

Black Bear Carbon

Location: Utrecht, The Netherlands

Black Bear believes in infrastructure for a cleaner world. We view the waste tire problem and the threat of climate change as opportunities to make meaningful change.

Using a circular economy model, we upcycle end-of-life-tires into high quality, safe, easy to use and sustainable Carbon Black products.

Our long-term goal is to upcycle all waste tires and thus reduce oil use, with CO2 emission reductions equivalent to planting more than 1 billion trees.


Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Seamless EV charging integration and street lighting in every urban area!
Electric car owners can from now on charge anywhere and at all times on any street.
No more fear of standing by the road with an empty battery.

The perfect solution for tight and environmentally friendly city centres. Available as both a completely separate charging light and as a replacement for an existing street lighting network.


Location: Broek op Langedijk, The Netherlands.

E-magy is a designer and manufacturer of “nano-sponge” silicon material for advanced lithium-ion batteries. With the material, Li-ion batteries enjoy a 40% capacity increase. E-magy works with partners throughout the global automotive supply chain.

The people behind E-magy have applied their 20+ years of silicon crystallisation experience to solve the challenge of silicon in Li-ion batteries. The team is driven to utilize the most advanced silicon know-how to bring sustainable solutions to the battery industry.

Originally providing low-cost solar silicon solutions, the focus is not only on technology but also on manufacturing cost and enabling large scale market application.


Location: Helmond, The Netherlands.

Lower fuel consumption with the power of the sun.

Reduce operational costs of heavy-duty vehicles with the SolarOnTop. Compatible with both new and existing trucks and semi-trailers, fleet owners can use innovative technology to save fuel. Take advantage of the sun’s free energy and become more sustainable now

The SolarOnTop is a technological upgrade for your semi-truck and trailer. It is a retrofit solution that is directly installed on the vehicle. What do you have to do to implement the SolarOnTop in your vehicle fleet?

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