Real Life Story — Uprise Volunteer Launches Career in Multiple Startups

Did you mark the date of UPRIS3 Festival to your calendar? I strongly recommend you to do so, because it’s a unique experience which you don’t wanna miss. This adventure doesn’t end at the festival, it can skyrocket you into your dream future. Let me explain why.

Volunteering and even more

During my business studies I have become interested in startups & entrepreneurship, and I have always wanted to dive deep into this world by gaining some real-life experience. After moving to Amsterdam I was searching for startup events and discovered UPRISE Startup Festival. As I have worked at international music festivals for years, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to volunteer at a festival, where I can not only gain experience in event planning and organising, but also expand my professional network and make new friends in a community that is totally new for me.

As an UPRISE volunteer, I carried out various tasks. First, I helped to set up stands and the marketplace area. Then during the festival, I was responsible for registering, welcoming and providing information to startups, visitors and media. Furthermore, after I had completed my shifts, I had time to enjoy the festival, taking part in programmes, playing games and meeting other attendees in the chill area. My expectations were perfectly fulfilled. Truly, I’ve got even more from this epic event because during those 2 days I got inspired by goofy fun and lively atmosphere. Let’s be honest, as an international student in a new city finding a relevant job is difficult. But thanks to the great connections I have gained at UPRISE, I’ve found a traineeship at one of the exhibiting startups — Heppee.

Attendee to Employee

It’s crazy to think about that I joined the team of Heppee only about 2 months ago. This traineeship is more intensive and useful for me than one at a big corporation for 6 months. Seriously… In the past few weeks, my skill-set has grown by new items such as agile scrum project management, the holacracy way of working, online marketing strategy, and at least 15 new tools. The working style at Heppee is very flexible and gives me a lot of freedom for my ideas. Living a dream of every student and graduate, I bear actual responsibilities and have important assignments in the different projects from the first day of my traineeship. As a new member of inspiring and creative teams, my work is never boring or monotone. Especially when I am working on 2–3 diverse project in parallel and face exciting challenges every week.

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Another fantastic project I’m involved with is Bammboo, a growth hacking startup where I took my chances as a Junior Growth Hacker and I help our clients to implement their growth process in order to build scalable, predictable and repeatable growth machine. This buzzword — growth hacking — is a kind of new area to me, I have a lot of skills to catch up, but I am always open and eager to learn as fast as possible. And this attitude is essential for trainees who desire to work at startups.