Not All Enterpreneurs are showmen

Getting visibility is hard, there is no denying that. It is one of those commonsense notions that communicating is the should of any company.

However, in today’s world, we seem very focused on creating products and services and less focused on putting them to the world to experience.

No one can blame us. Social Media has pulverized communications and big media companies have closed up their doors significantly for starters. Besides, not all entrepreneurs are born showmen.

All companies deserve their 15 minutes of fame

Getting there is as difficult as essential, as high visibility can work in the favour of any company not only because of the fame and fortune but also because visibility creates new groups of customers, more validation for products and increasing number of partners willing to help the product grow.

During UPRISE Festival 5, out theme was “Product and Propaganda” where top professionals of the field shared their visions. One of them was Jennifer Delano, the dutch PR guru. Her vision is that all companies deserve their 15 minutes of fame and that partnering up with professionals in this sector — and that have a good understanding of startups — is the way to go.

At the Festival, Jennifer’s feeling was that the amount of startup there with huge potential and yet underdeveloped from the visibility perspective is a sign that talent and communication need to walk hand in hand.

Hacking the media system is part of the entrepreneurial journey, and a good product with an enthusiastic narrative is a story waiting to be written.