Here’s why you’d move your Business to Ireland (for 2 days)

Imagine this: Packing up your business and moving to another vibrant, relaxed (if not a wee bit rainy) Dublin in October for 2 Days. Haven’t you always wondered is that grass actually greener on the other side? Well in Ireland, it is. Very, very green.

Here are 10 reasons why you should bring your company to an uprise.

1/ Explore your Rebel attitude at a Military Hospital

We are the first event ever to be hosted in the renovated Military Hospital in the Northside of Dublin: The Richmond. Don’t waste your time with the same old event locations like those Dublin horse sheds and buildings shaped like beer cans at an angle. We do things differently for companies that think differently.

2/ Get out of from behind a screen and connect in a relaxed, productive environment designed to bring people together.

A conference pulls people apart, a festival brings people together. We bring the brightest minds in Ireland and the UK to our festival to collaborate and bring fresh enthusiasm to infuse you and your ideas. Our 100 Young talented innovator members were hand-picked to join the festival and bring their talent to mix with brands, Startups and influencers.

A conference pulls people apart, a festival brings people together.

3/ Find great investors to help fund your next round

We go out of our way to connect the right investment funds to Startups participating. Don’t get fooled by events that have high profile heads of funds. They aren’t there to find companies they are there to be seen. We find active funds under a Series A to give advice, contacts and guidance to our Startups. This happens on Wednesday through our Investor Clinics, Challenger Pitch Battle and Round Table Sessions with SpeedInvest, Draper Esprit, Spark Global and many more.

4/ Reach partners who will work with you to gain scale or reach new markets

The reason we have 13 Content Tracks is so we get a taste of many markets and verticals so they can interact. We are a festival who don’t build walls around attendees and Speakers. Every Speaker attends because they want to help and discover new companies. Not one Speaker is being paid to be there, they all want to connect and make shit happen, with you.

Real recruitment happens with passionate people connect on relevant content and interest.

5/ Converse with the most talented designers/developers in Ireland and the UK to fit with your company

Real recruitment happens with passionate people connect on content and interest. Relying on Jobs-fairs won’t work. If you’re looking for sales staff join our Sales conversion workshop with Intercom on Wednesday. Learn from and with your next great hire.

6/ Deep dive with specialised Speaker Round Table Sessions

Not every topic has the audience for the big stage. That’s why we have out Speaker Round Table Sessions. This is the place to explore niche value ideas and subjects with our Speakers and companies. Dive into social marketing in Recruitment or Smart Cities with Dublin City Council. The focused the better here.

Not one Speaker is being paid to be there, they all want to to connect and make shit happen, with you.

7/ Set up private meetings quickly with the right people to help your business advance

We aren’t the size of the Websummit and that allows us to get to know attendees and Speakers and all our elements help to make this more apparent. We bring a Matchmaking app to connect attendees with profiles to each other. Make quality connections and after 2 days leave with ties in many different countries and markets to develop later on. Book meeting-rooms with your app and sneak off to have some quality conversations rarely had at normal conferences.

8/ Feel the support of people around you who want you to succeed

If there is one aspect that near every single person that has attended our events has commented on is ‘the vibe’. When you bring that many sharp minds together for a couple of days who want to find synergies and not just sell their wares, something special happens. The drinks, matchmaking and content all revolve around one simple fact. Great people make a great product.

10 /Enjoy going to a couple of after-hours parties…

At the end of the day, the night-time is just as important as the day time. Day time the heavy connections are made. The information is chewed up and filed away for later. After all that the night time is where you sit back, grab a drink and some food and relax. The real deal with these events is that the after-parties are where the real deals are made. Don’t ignore them!

We are keeping all of the UPRISE in the Northside of Dublin this year. Our location is in the north and our bars and cafes we use are there too. This is the real heart of Dublin and where you see the culture Dublin is famous for.