Entrepreneurial Advice: Don’t fight your Market

Habits are the root of entrepreneurial success. Creating a mindset that enables creative thinking, self-improvement and resourceful abilities can be the difference between making it or breaking it.

Creating such a mindset is no easy feat and commonly a lifetime’s project to be developed. During UPRISE Festival 5 we hosted several talks and workshops aimed at creating interaction between participants and speakers so that everyone could exit the Festival with more skills than when they walked in.

One of the Panels, with the participation of Daniel Douglass, was focused on Sales and Lead Acquisition. Daniel, a Marketer with 15 years of experience launching products and taping new markets, brought to the discussion the need to understand an entrepreneur’s personality and how to improve their commercial skills. Via his company The Scale-up Group, he develops a Personality test, focused on identifying strengths and points of improvement. Besides, his website has several resources that will drive any entrepreneur (positively) crazy!

To be able to break the mould — as many entrepreneurs do — it is important first to understand the restraints first. During our conversation, Daniel pointed out that the market is built in a certain way and that we don’t need to fight it, but figure out ways to work around it, bringing progressive ideas to the process to reach success.

Being resourceful and being creative helps, but experiences that enable new alternatives for the status quo as well. With this in mind, during UPRISE Festival 5 he was immediately attracted to the “Ditch the VC: Finding alternatives for Funding”.