Employer branding in a global talent market

Global talent markets are now pushing the boundaries of recruitment and forcing employer branding to adopt a different approach regarding their reach. At UPRISE 6 we’re talking about concepts like the migration of talent and digital nomads as part of the Recruit& Invest stage. Humanity has reached a peak that hasn’t been seen ever before. Both technology and human evolution allow talents to evaluate better, travel more and learn faster new skills. With such a high potential, it’s almost a paradox that companies struggle to retain talent. As part of the metrics that recruitment companies have nowadays, retention of talent becomes as relevant as the retention of customers. In fact, they are based on the same principles. In such a noisy world, how do you convey your message as a company for the talents you want to attract?

Here are top 3 learnings we had at UPRISE about recruitment as a push rather than pull:

1. HR needs to get more proactive about pitching the company

The old paradigm of having a strong employer brand with makes up for any “push” channels and allows the “pull” tactics to go into place is dead! We’ve found that many companies attending UPRISE have put out stands and job boards hoping that the brand would deliver quality candidates with little or no extra involvement. This strategy will fail to deliver in time. A brand can only deliver so much.

How we’ve managed to tackle that in 5 editions of UPRISE was by adding to our 6th edition a dedicated pillar on recruitment where we allow companies to do active recruitment through round table formats and workshops. This way of interaction puts more emphasis on the sales skills of HR people in companies. Switching from scouting to pitching produces unique transformations in the discourse of both recruiters and candidates.

2. Capitalize on retention through IRL recruitment

Giving talents the chance to shine allows you to capitalize better on strengths. There is no miscommunication in body language and attitude towards a job vacancy in real life as compared to a digital application. Making sure your brand engages with the right talents is a costly process if you are trying to make a digital campaign reflect that ideology. Tapping into unconventional tactics of recruitment might be a better way to spend your acquisition budget.
At UPRISE, this year we are implementing a way to curate the talent list beforehand using tech HR tools like Opening.io which allows to capitalize more the connections made on the event and to bring the best talents to the roundtables organized by companies. As such, we don’t leave opportunities unattended but we also create the context in which the talent to be observed in their best light with full strength on display.

3. Leverage the international aspect of your company

Capabilities of teams and organizations are more often associated with performance and hard skills. However, today’s world shows us that EQ is more important than IQ in many cases. Automation and other trends come to change the working place and its culture. As a result, recruitment can benefit more from talents that are well travelled and emphasize on a mixed company culture which helps understand better different economical contexts for businesses. What we, therefore, see more and more is the global nomad concept which spreads in the recruitment market bringing competition in all areas of expertise in all countries where otherwise, the local workforce might not have the traits a company is looking for. Understanding how to recruit multicultural teams, integrate and make them work is crucial for both tech and traditional industries. The EQ ( emotional intelligence) of your entire team will considerably increase if you leverage the cultural mix and embrace the differences in thinking of your team members.

Being able to put on display how your talent sourcing acts upon this tip is something that we strive doing at UPRISE so don’t miss the chance to spot the best ones out!

These 3 pillars have been embedded into the backbone of UPRISE Festival for this year with the theme focusing on “Migration” of people, as in talents, data and a shift in thinking. Everything happens under the same roof, in one day, with over 2500 talents who will join to discover the power of employer branding, the 66 hours of content, 128 speakers and the recruitment offers. By enabling brands to connect in a relaxed atmosphere with talents, we believe to provide the “Burning men experience to googlers of recruitment”.

Join the UPRISE and help us create entry points into tech for the best talents out there!