March 2015

UPRISE Festival 2015

UPRISE Festival launch edition in Roest, Amsterdam.

September 2015

UPRISE Festival 2015

The second edition 6 months following our first breakthrough event. This time in a 6,500 sqm space in Amsterdam North for 2 days.

April 2016

UPRISE Festival 2016

Once again in a different location in Amsterdam. Our third festival refocused on content, startups and workshops.

October 2016

UPRISE Festival 2016 Dublin

The fourth edition of our technology festival. This time we launched our first edition in Dublin, Ireland.

April 2017

UPRISE Festival 2017 Amsterdam

Back in Amsterdam we launched a new space with 4 stages and even more Startup companies. Interaction was at our heart and our Marketplace was vibrant for the entire event.

October 2017

UPRISE Festival 2017 Dublin

Back to Ireland following the success of last years first event. We launched a 2 day event in a larger space to accommodate more companies, stands and speakers including an epic pitch battle.

October 2018

UPRISE Festival 2018

The final festival in 2018 was hosted in Dublin, Ireland with the great support of Dublin City Council for 2 days of great content.


Our events began in the form of the first Startup Festival in Europe (Maybe beyond) in 2015. We built and funded an Amsterdam one-day event to help startup companies in the Netherlands connect with talent in a free to attend, event. That Thursday on the 26th of March drew near 4,000 attendees in 8 hours. Our event used wooden pallets for exhibition stands and food trucks nestled into Roest in Amsterdam. We didn't have any wifi and didn't want to adopt the speaker format. We focused solely on Startup tech companies and hour-long workshops.

In the following years, we hosted 8 Tech Festivals in Amsterdam and Dublin, Ireland. In 2018 we took a break and now we return as something very different.

We are at a crisis point. Our negative impact on this planet has to lead to a climate emergency. We cannot ignore this and we strongly believe everyone needs to take personal responsibility to help in whatever way they can. It's time to rise up for our home.

At UPRISE we feel we can bring together the most cutting edge clean technology companies building solutions at one point and time to feed a sense of hope and galvanise support for these companies who want to impact their environment for the good of society.

This event is to point a light at what is being done from a business point of view, showcase leaders in this industry and identify what is yet to be done from governments to individuals.



Our kickoff festival of this decade touches on 4 topics that will dominate the event in all shapes and forms. Check out our key topics below: